About my Articles

Automating API Documentation Has Flow-on Benefits

Learn about how choosing the right documentation service can increase exposure and usage of your APIs. Read more…

Automation Assisted by Webhooks

Learn about webhooks and how they’ll save you money and improve your services. Read more…

About my Articles

Time is money. Knowledge is power. But acquiring knowledge takes time. This is where I add value. By doing the research, and building on concepts logically, I offer you an efficient source of valuable knowledge. I intend to give you insights that you can use directly in your business to increase profit or reduce risk.

Why would I spend my valuable time writing articles? I’m a professional writer, and when there’s a gap in my schedule, I fill it with things that interest me, while increasing my skill and knowledge. This also raises my public profile, and makes me more profitable. If I find a product that I like, I’ll link to it. If I can make money from an affiliate link, I will. But because I’m concerned about the Internet being stuffed full of biased and deceitful information, I don’t like the affiliate model and view it as a similar corruption to pay-for-comment.

If I have an affiliate link in an article, I will declare it at the top of my article. I will declare it again next to the link. I will never bias towards or promote a link for the sake of profit. Links will be provided regardless of affiliation or competition, and only if I believe in the product.

If you want to read about a topic that you feel is not being covered acceptably, or would like it from my perspective, please put a request in the comments.


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