Business can be this easy

How do you score on this checklist?

– My business is a smooth running machine
– I don’t need to keep anything in my head
– My staff step through simple to-do lists
– Everyone can see at a glance what needs doing
– All the files and resources needed are easy to find
– I’ve got a timeline view of all my projects that updates automatically
– I get a warning if any project has a problem
– All internal communication is linked to its task or project

If you ticked most of these, go have a coffee and enjoy your peace of mind. Your business is working so well that I can’t do much to help you.

If you didn’t tick most of these boxes, you might be missing deadlines, passing up opportunities, or just so busy with the small stuff that you’ve got no time left for what matters. You probably also know how hard it is to get a system in place that makes all of this easy. But it is possible.

I’ve spent the last couple of years using Notion to get businesses to this stage. During this time I’ve discovered that a lot of what I’ve created is needed by every business. And Notion makes it very easy to include those unique pieces that just your business needs.

But would this really work for you? You’ll have questions, and I love talking about this sort of thing. The easiest way to be sure you’re not missing an opportunity to have an easy business to run is choose a time for a quick chat.