Quality System Design focuses on providing solutions and skills to improve your product’s quality, and your business efficiency. We achieve this by applying a range of skills, problem solving techniques, principles and techniques. No single piece of software, attitude, or dogma is offered. Instead solutions are inspired through gaining a solid understanding of your business.

Tim Marsh has worked as a consultant, designing and improving quality systems since 1998. Before that he was performing a similar function as an employee. He likes to work with his hands, loves making things, and enjoys being active. But his true skill is problem solving. So while happily employed, getting things done out in the sun, he’d often be heard saying, “Why don’t we just…”

After discovering better ways of doing things on the production floor, he would inevitably get appointed to a role correcting the bigger issues that the company faced, and helping with business improvement in general. But the desire to do something new, and outside, motivated him to finish up his projects in one business, and then go try his hand in a different industry.

After spending a bit over ten years skipping between industries and ending up in a similar problem-solving role, he decided to stop being an employee and consult instead. His years of experience in such varied roles gave him the ability to quickly understand how a business was functioning and offer advice that would make them more profitable. Continually adopting or developing skills in designing systems, he became proficient in this area and founded Quality System Design.

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