Step back and see the big picture

Quality system design is the process of stepping back, having a look at what makes your business work, and then using techniques and tools to get a clearer picture.

Because most businesses start small, and make changes as they grow in response to their needs, the way things are done can become complex. It is similar to how a small country house gets rooms added as children are born, and needs develop. If you were to look at the many add-ons, extensions, and odd spaces, then work out what is actually required, you’d wonder why they didn’t just plan out a bigger house and build it.

But while this seems like a simple solution for architecture, a business is far more difficult to restructure. Frequently in large organisations, no single person understands every aspect of every role. And without some way of being sure everything that makes your business function will make it through the transition, the idea of making changes is daunting.

By recognising that a system is just a series of processes, which can be mapped and understood, a new awareness of how the business really works can be developed. Then each of the processes can be refined, and old redundant tasks can be discarded. Only once the processes are well understood, can you then start looking at how best to place and link them within an improved system.

But the result is much more than a smoothly running, efficient business. Having an optimised and documented system means you can automate processes, introduce product improvements, move quickly to position yourself in the market, and convert opportunities into profit.